Internal practitioners and sustainability consultants can both become licensed to use S-CORE. You need to have a strong understanding of sustainability principles and practices, along with experience implementing sustainability in organizations.

There are four ways to become licensed to implement S-CORE:

  • OPTION 1
    ATTEND THE ANNUAL DISTANCE LEARNING WORKSHOP. At least once each year, generally in January (although if there is sufficient interest we will also have a June class) we offer a distance learning workshop (5 weeks with recorded lectures, live webinars, assignments, etc.) Contact us to be put on an invitation list.
  • OPTION 2
    GROUP LICENSING. You can arrange for group training if you can pull together enough people for a class. This option is best when you have a number of people to train at one time.
  • OPTION 3
    SELF-STUDY. If you are disciplined, you can complete the distance learning class in a self-study, on-demand fashion.
  • OPTION 4
    DO S-CORE. If your organization (or if you're a consultant, if you have a client) who wants S-CORE, we can conduct S-CORE and license you in the process.

Note that prospective assessors must possess a strong working knowledge of sustainability concepts and practices as this is necessary for proper use of S-CORE.  To decide if you have enough knowledge to become a licensed assessor do this quick self-test—You should know what these abbreviations mean: GRI, TNS, ISO-14001, EMS, LEED, SA-8000.

Anyone* can purchase a copy of The Business Guide to Sustainability and use the paper-and-pencil assessment in the book. However, you will not get the full S-CORE assessment, which includes: our expert analysis of your results, a formal report with our recommendations and associated resources, or charts showing how your results compare to others who have taken S-CORE.  In addition, the on-line S-CORE includes items not found in the book including benchmark data and sector supplements, thus giving you the most up-to-date assessment available. 

*Anyone can use the assessment with their own organization only.  Consultants are required to become licensed if they want to use S-CORE in their practice.